Chain guides

Where there is friction, there is wear. This is especially the case for applications where metallic materials are used. For example, for chains that run on metal guides, regular lubrication is absolutely vital. The aim is to achieve quiet, smooth running and long-term functional reliability. Murtfeldt chain guides protect your chains. They guarantee optimum running properties at the same time as extremely high wear resistance. The tried-and-tested Original Materials “S”® and “S”®1000 are economical options with ideal material properties that make them well-suited for use as guides for roller and round link chains.

Advantages of Murtfeldt chain guides

High wear resistanceVery good slide propertiesSelf-lubricating (no need for any oil lubrication at all)Extremely impact and break resistant, even at very low temperatures (up to -250°C)High resistance to chemicalsVibration-reducing propertiesNo moisture absorptionNo corrosionApproved for use in the food industry (EU and FDA)