Countrose bearings

Water Lubricated Bearings Company

Countrose rubber-lined bearings have been used in the marine and pump industries for more than 40 years, gaining a long-established reputation for durability and excellence along the way. Countless shipbuilders and repairers; pump designers and manufacturers specify Countrose water-lubricated bearings for their quality and top-class performance.What sets us apart from other manufacturers is that we are able to offer customers two different types of elastomeric lined bearings, polyurethane and nitrile rubber – the choice of lining dictated by the environmental (abrasive) conditions, for example in shallow water containing sand or grit.

Cutless bearings

The lining of the bearing has shaped grooves, or flutes, designed specifically to optimise water lubrication, giving very low friction and helping to maintain hydrodynamic lubrication even at low speeds and high loads. The bearings support the shaft and at the same time assist the flow of water into the bearing, providing lubrication exactly where it is needed.