Differential : Bearings are used in differential assemblies to support and align the gears within the differential housing. They ensure smooth power delivery to the wheels, particularly during cornering and acceleration, enhancing traction and stability.

auxiliary systems

Auxiliary Systems : Bearings are also used in auxiliary systems such as water pumps, alternators, and cooling fans. These bearings must withstand high temperatures and loads while maintaining reliability under extreme racing conditions.

suspension systems

Suspension Systems : Bearings are employed in suspension components such as control arms, uprights, and suspension linkages. They allow for smooth movement of the suspension system, contributing to improved traction, handling, and responsiveness on the track.

transmission and gearbox

Transmission and Gearbox : Bearings are critical components in transmissions and gearboxes, supporting shafts, gears, and other rotating elements. They help transmit power efficiently while withstanding the stresses and vibrations associated with high-performance driving.

engine components

Engine Components : Bearings are used in engines for crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts, and other rotating or reciprocating components. They reduce friction and enable smooth operation at high RPMs, enhancing engine performance and reliability.

wheel bearings

Wheel Bearings : Wheel bearings support the wheels’ rotation and help distribute the vehicle’s weight. In motorsport, where vehicles undergo extreme forces and high-speed cornering, durable and high-performance wheel bearings are essential for stability, handling, and safety.