ntn-snr bearings

NTN is one of the world’s leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of bearings, linear modules, constant velocity joints, encoders, tensioners, vehicle spare parts, maintenance products, and servicing solutions.NTN’s central site for Europe provides you with information on our solutions and personalized support, whatever your requirements. 

NTN designs, develops, and manufactures its products. NTN and SNR brands are references, both in the OEM markets as well as in the aftermarket.  Innovation is at the heart of our concerns, regardless of your industry:  aerospaceautomotivecement plantwind energyrailmachine toolstextile machineryagricultural machineryconstruction machinery, mines and quarries,  vacuum pumpssteel industry, etc.

NTN is committed to global solutions (Product Life Cycle Management). Our customised offer (from design to storage), integrates maintenance, training, and all the services that optimise the performance of the product within its application.