Nationwide specialist bearing distributor, Industria Bearings & Transmissions, is highlighting its range of chain guide products from Murtfeldt, which are suitable for multiple industrial applications.

Key products from the German manufacturer include chain guides, which are available for both roller and round link versions to provide quiet, smooth running protection for chains that operate on metal guides.  Optimum running properties are combined with reliable and long term operation.

Roy Thomason, managing director for Industria Bearings & Transmissions, said: We’ve been working with Murtfeldt and supplying their products to customers in the UK for many years now and we have found this range of chain guides to be an excellent offer for our customers.

Our technicians work closely with the Murtfeldt team and have spent time at their manufacturing plant in Germany. They are highly knowledgeable about the products and the relevant applications, so are able to provide technical support and assistance to customers and in particular for any bespoke requirements they may have.

Industria says the Murtfeldt range boasts many features and benefits for customers including high wear resistance with excellent slide properties.  As they are self-lubricating, there is no need for any oil or other lubricant.  Being extremely impact and break resistant, the products are able to operate at extremely low temperatures having been tested as low as -250 deg C.

Approved for use in the food processing sector by the EU and the FDA, the guides are chemical, moisture and corrosion resistant and include vibration reducing properties.

Henning Schauer, Export Manager for Murtfeldt Plastics, said: Industria Bearings & Transmissions have and continue to be excellent champions of our products in the UK.

We believe our chain guides are the best available on the UK market and with the technical knowledge and support provided, Industria has the complete package to offer customers.

The chain guides compliment the full range of Murtfeldt products and systems, such as processing equipment, and includes the company’s Spann-Box ® chain and belt tensioners.



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